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Cochrane Photography supplies architectural, portrait, product, food, and location photography to some of Ottawa's and the nation's largest, and some of the smallest corporations, developers, hotels and government departments. For thirty years our work has been used in advertising, large displays, in print, on the web and in annual reports. is devoted to our architectural photography clients.

I won the contract for the architectural work for the Senate of Canada and in their submission guidelines they wanted 'three wall interior' examples. Their requirement was a way to define one of my interests. 'House and Home', 'Ikea' style, and lesser local magazines often use a 'one wall' style. My interests are varied but I'm still fascinated by trying to show the relationships; photographically, between spaces, the transitions, light dark, small to tall, indoor outdoor. The textures, hard soft; colours, muted bold; and how to understand the relationship between the the Architect, the Interior designer and the Client that make an 'environment'.

All of the photography is